What we do?

Exports & Distributes

We ensure all our products are easily reachable via departmental stores, chain stores, and Internet retailers.

The DIY and CIY Way of Life

These new methods of Do-It-Yourself and Create-It-Yourself enables our customers to experience unlimited possibilities through self-assembly and paint. This way they could truly relish feeling comfortable at home.

“A Home In A Box” and “A Dining Set In A Box” Convenience

We know how fast and convenient things should be at this new age. Everything should be designed and built to suit our own time and advantage. As every model comes in its own flat-pack boxes, it is a luxury when sent through mail order or courier service delivery.

Mix-Load Program

As our products are cleverly designed to be flat-packed, thus saving cost on shipping and in-land warehouse costs. And also because of this, we are able to be more effective in reaching our customers in time, as we can fit more than 20 types of products in any single shipping container.

To protect our design and exclusivity, we have also patented our product designs to prevent us from being duplicated in the market. We can also maintain the individuality only our customers can experience.

Every product comes with a Repair Kit to make everything simpler and more convenient for our customers. Our quality kit is ever ready to be at your service so you can always use it whenever you want.