Quality & Accreditation

When it comes to our products, we do not take its quality lightly.


We breathe the GMP Practice

At Deep Furniture, we only use the highest quality of wood and timber to produce every piece of work. Thus, we also believe in keeping the quality consistency of our products. Every material and equipment, down to the manufacturing process, is a standard that we uphold: the GMP Practice.


The sustainable LEAN Management

We believe in seeing our products live through the test of time. That is why; every work is a continuous effort for a better improvement. We look to avoid wasting time, effort and finances in our manufacturing process, which in return, helps cut down cost incurred when they reach the market.

Who’s with us…

As much as we aspire to constantly evolve, we truly believe creativity stems from the people themselves. So, collaborating with well-known creative all around the world has been a pleasure to us.

Partnership with Andy Eom, INART, Korea

Tracing back to more than a decade ago, when Deep Furniture was newly established, when we first rolled out our very first product, the Saddle Stool. Andy Eom, was our very first customer as well.

Since then we have, alongside with Andy, created a bond, where both sides are always equally satisfied with every deal made. And we decided to bring this good business partnership one step further by combining both forces, Deep Furniture and INART into INART Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. In 2013.

Our ultimate goal for INART Malaysia is to always explore every market opportunity both locally and internationally.

Collaboration with Manolo Bossi

Manolo Bossi has worked with us to develop a series of solid-wood furniture under the HILL Collection.

ZiX, an abbreviation of the Zebran Mixture (Wild Almond – Irvingia Malayana) of precious solid wood, is a collection inspired by the lush beauty of the evergreen Malaysian timber.

Following the success of this naturally aesthetic line of solid wood in Johor, Deep Furniture is looking forward for this collaboration to go one step further.

Where we make headlines…

Along our journey in making lives better, we have received numerous accolades.


Best Presentation Award (MIFF)
Best Furniture Excellence Award (MIFF)


Best Presentation Award (MIFF)


Malaysian Pride (M’sia Furniture Industry Brand Mark) (MFPC)
Best Product Design – Dining Funiture(EFE)


Best Product – Living Room Category (EFE)
Best Product – Dining Room Catergory (EFE)


Rising Star Award (MLFA)


Innovative Product Competition (EF)
Service Excellence Award (MFLA)
Product Excellence Award (MFLA)